Tokyo Marui FNX-45 GBB

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Price : : BDT 25000 Taka
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  • Status : Available for Pre-Order

FNP-45 tactical developed with the aim of side arms for special forces of the US Army. The improved model “FNX-45 Tactical” is now available in the gas blowback series!

A model that enhances the reproducibility of details and functions unique to this model, such as ambi type levers, replaceable back straps, pursuit of reality by measuring the real thing, as well as high expandability corresponding to various optional parts It has become. 

Major features
  • Compatible with optional Micro Prosite
    The slide is designed exclusively for mounting Micro Prosite (sold separately). If you remove the cover at the rear of the slide, you can attach the microprosite directly. In addition, the front / rear sight is a toll type night sight specification, and sighting is possible even through a micro-procite.
  • Compatible with optional tactical silencer
    By removing the muzzle protector from the muzzle, you can install the “Tactical Silencer” that will be sold separately. A metal outer barrel is used to provide sufficient durability for the silencer installation.
  • Newly designed oval piston
    A special oval piston that allows microprosites to be mounted at a low position. A powerful recoil shock can be enjoyed even when various optional parts are installed.
  • Safety & Decoking System
    By operating the safety lever, it is possible to lock the hammer when it is in full cock (in a state where it can be fired), and it is possible to return from full cock to half cock in order to prevent accidental discharge due to falling. In addition, the safety lever is an ambi type that can be operated from either the left or right side.
  • Ambi-type slide stop and magazine catch
    It can be operated from either the left or right side, and you can choose your dominant arm.
  • Grip back strap included
    Comes with 2 x 2 size (S / M) back straps. You can adjust the grip comfort according to the size of your hand.
  • Equipped with an under rail
    The under rail integrated with the frame can be equipped with a flashlight compatible with Picatinny standards (20mm width).
  • Die-cast magazine
    Includes 29 rounds magazines and a die-cast magazine that resists cold.
  • Build Material : ABS
  • Magazine Capacity : 29+1 ( 6mm )
  • Length : 220mm
  • Barrel Length : 113mm
  • Weight : 830g
  • System: Gas Blowback
  • Fire Mode : Semi-Auto
  • Hop-Up : Adjustable
  • Muzzle Velocity : Approx. 1J with 0.2bb / 134a
  • Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manual

Photo for ref only, Silencer / Flashlight / RMR not includes

Weight: 1330 g

1. You have to pay 50% of product price in advance
2. Age must be 18+
3. You have to submit your Driving license/Passport  HD image[any one of them], and your Facebook profile image should match with your document
Knock us on Facebook and send your documents image
4. Those are for mature people, so we expect such from you
5. You can not put out those on public places or use it for prank/fun or anything else. Play with it inside home
6. Always wear safety glass, do not shoot on animal or human
7. Price is almost fixed, may vary depends on circumstances
8. We will take very few pre order, so first come first get
9. First we will verify your account and accept for Airsoft pre order. After that we will open pre order on our website and you will pay 50% [Bkash/DBBL/Nexus pay/Rocket] and place your order
10. Within at the end of next month Inshah ALLAH you will receive it.

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এটাকি ফুল মেটালের? এটাদিয়ে কি পাখি শিকার করা যাবে তাহলে জানান আমি ওয়াডার করবো ০১৭১১২৮৭৯৬৭

Aveyraj Abir

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DO I need a license.what is the range.what is the size of the bullets.please let me know.


200-500 meter range


200-500 meter range

jakir hossain

এটাকি ফুল মেটালের? এটাদিয়ে কি পাখি শিকার করা যাবে তাহলে জানান আমি ওয়াডার করবো

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