ICS Sarsilmaz SAR 9 GBB

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ICS has announced that it will be presenting a new GBB gun for the first time during the upcoming MOA show in Taiwan. It will be a licensed replica of the Turkish Sarsilmaz SAR 9 pistol. The little-known company Sarsilmaz is the largest Turkish weapon manufacturer, also having a branch in the United States (Sarsilamaz USA). The original SAR 9 has a polymer frame with interchangeable grip parts allowing it to be optimally adapted to the shooter's hand, a safety integrated with the trigger, similarly to Glock pistols, and a Picatinnyunderbarrel rail for mounting accessories. 

Brand: ICS.
Type: SAR9.
Material: High stregth polymer body and aluminum frame and slide.
Colour: Black.
Magazine Capacity: 22+1 BB.
Barrel: Threaded outer barrel.
Barrel length: 104mm.
Length: 195mm.
Weight: 750 Grams
Trigger: Loaded indicator just like the real steel!
Hop Up: Adjustable.
Slide: Full Aluminum slide.
Picatiny lower rail voor all your accesories.
Realistic blowback recoil action.
Better Gas efficiency and a faster cycle rate.
Enlarged slide catch.
Mag release button interchangable.
Illuminous front and rear sight.
14mm CCW adaptor.
Extra backplate to adjust to your hand size.

1. You have to pay 50% of product price in advance
2. Age must be 18+
3. You have to submit your Driving license/Passport  HD image[any one of them], and your Facebook profile image should match with your document
Knock us on Facebook and send your documents image
4. Those are for mature people, so we expect such from you
5. You can not put out those on public places or use it for prank/fun or anything else. Play with it inside home
6. Always wear safety glass, do not shoot on animal or human
7. Price is almost fixed, may vary depends on circumstances
8. We will take very few pre order, so first come first get
9. First we will verify your account and accept for Airsoft pre order. After that we will open pre order on our website and you will pay 50% [Bkash/DBBL/Nexus pay/Rocket] and place your order
10. Within at the end of next month Inshah ALLAH you will receive it.

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