Before Buy Airsoft/Gell Blaster!

Hello! Airsoft Lovers

Before Buy Your Favorite Toy Gun, There's Have Some Important Facts !
You Should Read First
No. Read
1 We don’t provide any guarantee of any products. We imported from china and delivered to you.
2 But yes we do check the products before sending, if products have any malfunction or any issue we don’t courier them.
3 If any case somehow any products got issue or functional problem during delivery time we will replace the item if products available on stock. Otherwise will change on next shipment.
4 If any product have any fault or any issue please notify us with in 1 hours after the delivery/receiving of product. After that, we will not take any responsibly.
5 We do not grant product return.
6 Gelblaster are of hobby products. But having look of original weapons. So you can not take those products on public places. On that basis agreement we will sell gelblaster to you.
7 Do not misuse of gelblaster.
8 If anyone use gelblaster for any sort of crime or threaten people, we are not responsible for that action and law enforcement personal will take regarding action against that person.
9 Do not shoot at animal or human.
10 If need to use on public place for video shooting, please inform the nearest police station first